If you think it might be an emergency, don't wait. Contact us.

While the types of pet emergencies range in urgency—from minor injuries to severe situations—we’re prepared to help you through it all. 

If your pet needs an off-hours checkup or elaborate intervention, trust that our team has the resources, facilities, and time to help right away. We have a stellar team of emergency veterinarians to ensure the job is done properly, and we have the tools and equipment to fully support your pet in an emergency situation.

In an emergency situation, every minute counts. We recommend calling in advance at (828) 328-6697 so our team can be better prepared and ready for your pet’s arrival with their specific needs addressed.

Labrador retriever puppy on white

When to seek emergency medical attention

Please don’t hesitate to come in if you think your pet needs emergency assistance. It is helpful to call ahead at (828) 328-6697 so that we may be prepared for your arrival. This will also give us the opportunity to make recommendations for first aid or safe transport if necessary.

Urgent or an emergent needs are:

  • Bleeding - Bleeding from any part of the body, including blood in the urine or stool.
  • Vomiting and/or diarrhea - Several repeated episodes in a short period, or intermittently over a period of days or weeks.
  • Convulsions or fainting - Violent shaking of the head or body, uncontrolled spasms, or loss of consciousness.
  • Lethargy - Decreased energy and playfulness, decreased exercise tolerance.
  • Pain - Limping, tense, crying when touched.
  • Eye problems - Redness, squinting, rubbing eyes, discharge, a foreign object in the eye.
  • Weight loss - Gradual unexplained weight loss over weeks or months, or dramatic recent weight loss.
  • Changes in appetite - Decreased or increased appetite, refusing food or water.
  • Changes In urination - Urinating larger amounts, urinating frequently, straining to urinate, or urinating small amounts.
  • Breathing problems - Shortness of breath, extending head and neck to breathe, wheezing.
  • Abnormal color of gums - Gums should be pink. Gums that are dark red, white, pale, or blue need medical attention.

Our location

We’re trusted by the Hickory community and beyond to deliver reliable and exceptional healthcare. Our address is:

1050 US Highway 321 NW
Hickory, NC 28601

(828) 328-6697

What to do in a pet emergency

  1. Stay Calm!
  2. Call (828) 328-6697
  3. Know how to get to Carolina Animal Specialty & Emergency
  4. Be prepared with helpful information:
    • Species/Breed/Weight/Age
    • Details of entering complaint
    • Details of any changes in pet's lifestyle, how long it has been going on
    • List of medications your pet is currently taking
      If pet consumed poison/ household chemical or human medication - bring in the container of the product with you to the hospital.
  5. Be cautious! Pets may be scared and can bite when ill or injured!